Is permanent hair removal possible?

The other days I was at a coffee shop enjoying my regular latte machiato, wish is coffee with more milk, and I couldn’t help to hear the conversion that two ladies, who were sitting next me, had.
They were talking about permanent hair removal.

One of them was trying to convince the other friend to try this magnifique technology called intense light pulsing to remove her hair from her face. Apparently she always had a problem with the hair from her face so, of course she wanted, to remove it permanently. So they were talking how you can remove the hair from your face forever. And I was amazed, because as a woman myself, I have some hairy areas that I want to solve.
After hearing the entire conversation, I immediately went online and start searching about IPL, this is the abbreviation for the intense light pulsing.

Without noticing I was so absorbed by this topic that one hour went by and I couldn’t tell. Even my latte was cold and not as tasty as before. But I wanted to assure myself that this technology is good for me as well. After reading an enormous amount of reviews of women who tried laser hair removal at home or IPL hair removal, I realised that is no such thing as permanent hair removal. The people who sell and use this technology should correct this in their ad and campaign and let people know that no technology can remove the hair permanently, instead they need to tell the consumers it’s a permanent hair reduction and not removal.

What I understood is that using IPL hair removal technology you are free of hair like for 6 months or even longer, depending on your hair type, and after that you must keep on doing the treatment again and again and hopefully in the next year you will be free of hair for good.

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